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Re: Where's HPB?

Jun 12, 1998 02:03 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:12 AM 6/12/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>A month ago I posted the following on a C.U.T. list:
>A close friend of Geraldine [Innocente, founder of the Bridge to Freedom]
>was a very interesting individual, Frances
>Ekey, who was HPB come again. She had joined the I AM in its very early
>days in 1934, knew Geraldine in 1945 just after she was contacted by El
>Morya and the Maha Chohan, and became an important I AM leader in
>Philadelphia. She made the switch to the Bridge with a lot of other I AM
>members in 1952. She was also the one who believed Mark Prophet to be a
>genuine channel for the Masters and founded with him the Lighthouse of
>Freedom, precursor of The Summit Lighthouse, at which founding meeting she
>was present.  In the beginning of the 60s she breaks with Mark and goes her
>own way, publishing the "I AM the Lighthouse of Freedom" newsletter. She
>made her transition in 1968 and has been "on her knees" for twenty years
>now to repent for her mistakes as Apostle Peter, Henry II, Henry VIII, HPB
>and Frances Ekey and probably other incarnations.  Meanwhile many
>theosophists and also the Masters Themselves hold her dear, very dear.
>(The very interesting thing about Ekey and her place in the story of the
>succession of emissaries of the Masters is that she was very close to all
>persons who were implementing the contingency plan for Krishnamurti's
>failure, i.e. the Ballards, Innocente and Mark. As HPB she had announced
>the coming of a  'torch-bearer of truth' for the last quarter of this
>century. Besant and Leadbeater were instructed to implement the plan
>roughly fifty years earlier with Krishnamurti. When he failed the Masters
>turned to Ballard and probably directed Ekey to help out. With the founding
>of The Summit Lighthouse she at least helped to lay the organizational
>foundation of indeed this century's 'effort' through Mother [Elizabeth Clare
>Prophet] and C.U.T.  The
>Theosophical Society, which she helped founding as HPB, was originally
>intended to be the organizational vehicle for this century's effort were it
>not for Krishnamurti and the T.S. both failing many of their respective
>tests. (See for the background story
>with many clarifying quotes in the endnotes)

With all the problems that represent organizations, I believe that Internet
is reducing the importance and need for organizations so that searchers for
truth can pursue the search rather than get concerned with organizations.
Also any organization, as time passes, develop its own restrictive view of
truth and there is a vast pressure brought on the members to conform. See
also my msg on second coming of HPB.

My 0.02.


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