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Re: Vol. III, Moses

Jun 08, 1998 05:14 AM
by Darren Porter

KPJ wrote:
>Thanks to Daniel for clarification andd Govert for research.
>I wonder if two vols. of the BCW cost more than $50 nowadays?
>At least they'd be available in Australia and thus no huge
>shipping fee.  And that 1980 TPH reprint would be cheapest of all
>alternatives if it can be gotten to Australia. I assume it's now OP?
>If not, a new one should be pretty cheap.

Sorry forgive a newbie but what is BCW?

The cheapest way the Adelaide lodge Bookstore can get me the text is by
selling me an entire second hand Adyar 6 Volume set for about the same
price as the kessinger one off.


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