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Re: Atlantis Peak Maybe?

Jun 05, 1998 06:10 PM
by Pam Giese

> Darren wrote:
> > As many people are probably aware of the Astronaut theory is pushed by
> > called Erik von daniken I think, My mormon mother in law gave me this
> > to read - The chariots of the gods. It's got me thinking. I in no-way
> > belittle any othe races that had suppossed vistiations, thes
> > materialsed to me on the atsral plane, I understood.
I received the following conference notice from another list.  It ended up
being belittled from some of the same reasons cited in this thread:  many
of the emphasis on Atlantis, ancient astronauts, lost tribes of Judea, etc.
reek of racism and deny the alternate cultural accomplishment and views
that manifested in previous eras.[See --Life on the Illinois prairie has
not robbed me of the ability to very things in a "politically correct"

Since this thread is still vital, I'll offer it as food for thought (or
embers for the flame, whatever the case may be).

[BTW --in copying the below, I couldn't resist including Catherine
Yronwode's commentary, despite the violation of email list etiquette. Her
web address is included for those interested in a bit of spunk.]


Zecharia Sitchin, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Elder Hunbatz Men, Joan Ocean
and others are coming together for The Prophets Conference~Yucatan
September 15-21 autumn equinox in and around Merida, Mexico.

Elder Hunbatz Men of the Maya has called together The Prophets
Conference~Yucatan for this autumn equinox.  The Mayan Calendar shows
the importance of this particular time as incorporating the energies of
universal harmony and the principles of evolution.

Many of us feel a great sense of urgency as time itself appears to be
changing.  We are experiencing a great deal more than some sort of
millennial madness.  We hear of changing electromagnetic fields and
polar shifts.  There is a growing experience of  boundary dissolution,
while at the same time, we have prophets coming forward from very
ancient lineage, clearly telling us of cyclical completion.  Increasing
evidence is proving that we are recovering what has been lost:  our
knowledge and our identity.

----------end unsolicited e-mail i received today---------------

Sitchin, for those who don't know him, is one of the "ancient astronaut"
cohorts of Erich von Daniken and is himself a mentor of Graham Hancock,
who derived his ideas as well from John Michell. This is not meant to
tar Michell with the brush of von Daniken...unless, like me, one sees
"Atlantis" and "Ancient Anstronauts" as two sides of the same spurious

Sitchin is so troubling to archaeologists that an entire web site is
devoted to debunking his theories, one of which is crucial to an
understanding of contemporary spurious Egyptology, namely, the
hypothesis that Khufu (Cheops) did NOT build the great Pyramid but that
it was builts millennia earlier by "ancient astronauts." In the light of
19th century discoveries of building blocks marked by work-crews with
the name "Khufu" -- marks that indicate that Khufu was the guy who
commissioned the pyramid -- Sitchin has proposed a sort of conspiracy
theory, that those workmen's marks are FORGERIES perpetrated in
Victorian times by someone with a vested interest in promoting the
belief that Khufu built the pyramid.

Writers who follow the Atlantean imperative into pyramid revisionism
(now there's a concept whose time has come!) usually cite Sitchin as
their authority.

And from there, as Hancock so adroitly demonstrates, it is a short
metaphysical hop, skip, and jump to Charles Hapgood and the spectre of
..... Crustal Displacement.

And sure enough, the folks putting this year's Sitchin-headlined
conference together tell us that they "hear of changing electromagnetic
fields and polar shifts."

You see, when you buy the Atlantean ball of wax, you have to buy the
WHOLE ball of wax as it as presently constituted. This is not the 1970s
model so many of us knew and loved (or at least knew) under the aegis of
John Michell -- the old Atlanean Ball of Wax with Secret Wisom and the
Fire Crystal and The Hall of Records and The Recovery of Lost Knowledge.

No, this is the New, Improved, Flaky-Crust Atlantean Ball of Wax, with
Lemon-Freshened Polar Shifts! You get the same Secret Wisdom, Fire
Crystal, Hall of Records, and Recovery of Lost Knowledge you've always
had, but now, thanks to the magic of Elder Hunbatz Men of the Maya, that
pokey-slow Aquarian Age you were waiting for has been given a speedy new
processor for the Nineties. That's right! This time we're bringing you
the Actual End of the World!!!

For lots more fun, check out:
"Zecharia Sitchin's Ancient Astronaut Theories -- A Skeptical Archive"
It's a meta-link page to sites relating to Sitchin, Hancock, and
company, compiled and maintained by Royston Paynter.

One of the more interesting of the anti-Sitchin (and hence anti-Michell,
anti-Hancock, and anti-von Daniken) pages Paynter has links to is
"Forging the Pharoah's Name?" by Martin Stower, at

You will also find links to Christopher Siren's very valuable Sumerian
Mythology FAQ, to a great "History of Astronomy" page, and to lots more.

Now, somebody stop me before i prophesy again!

cat (who just came back from seeing "The Horse Whisperer" and realizes
once again how wise and witty her unconsious was when it selected Robert
Redford to play the coveted and award-winning role of My Animus in her
1968 dream, "My Animus and Li'l Buddy Are Shopping For Snakes and They
Tell Me To Keep A Dream Journal.")

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