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To Darren: internet lecture

Jun 05, 1998 10:59 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>I've offered a course "The Internet and Theosophy :  A beginners guide from
>HPB to HPC, but the lodge doesn't seem to interested. They find my
>enthusiasm amusing for some reason.
>Oh well, if I make people happy thats fine by me. I'm worried that there
>are so many splinter factions on the meanings of the teachings because of a
>lack of true initiates. We are heading the way of the christian Church -
>thousands of interpretations, new ethics, our true purpose clouded.
>I see a synthesis of doctrines melding shortly

Darren, you might want to ask Eldon about how to give a lecture about the
internet and theosophy.  I think Eldon already gave several lectures on
that topic.  I'm sure Eldon had several roadblocks along his way.  I think
you read, last week, about Eldon's internet failure (can't remember the
name, a magazine?)  His Theosophy World list was almost dead for at least a
year, and now it's hopping.

Perhaps there's another way to get through to the lodge about your serious
intent.  On the other hand, they could be backwards when it comes to the
internet.    Perhaps there are people on this list who could use your
internet expertise to promote theosophy.

It's too bad that the enthusiasm of the young is not being used.  The thing
that the young is lacking is knowledge of established customs, and
experience.  The former is good in that the young can see beyond the rigid
establishment, but bad in that the young do not know how to deal with the
establishment.  When you don't know how to deal with the establishment, the
establishment can be a big brick wall.

Can you imagine the dynamism that would arise if the establishment knows
how to use the enthusiasm and the power of the young?  Young people are
idealistic and energetic.  Young people also attract other young people.
Instead of being afraid at the rowdiness and unconventionality of the
young, the establishment should flow with the tide and guide it.  And guide
it in a way that would not squelch the energy.  If the establishment fails
to do that, the young will go elsewhere that would fit with their
enthusiasm.  The establishment will end up with a bunch of long time
established folks gathering cobwebs.  When the older generation dies, what
then is left?  A slab of brick wall.

Thoa :o)

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