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Re: Cancel the order!

Jun 05, 1998 09:13 AM
by Darren Porter

To Lmhem111 - I have cancelled the order. Well will tomorow- actually make
that saturday
Thanks everyone for talking me out of it.
Sorry yes for those don't know, the book was Kessinger press Secret
Doctrine Vol 3- a somewhat contentious volume

Its a pity it's not available as a website. pdf or HTML document. Oh well
many TS literature is getting the conversion to cyberspace - it makes it so
much easier to do word searchs.

>I'm not quite sure what Darren is ordering for a $100 from Kessinger
>Publishing. I must have missed some posts. However, keep in mind that
>Kessinger reprints esoteric material much like:
>Sun Publishing Company
>Binkley Publishing
>Health Research
>Hence, you'll be paying a much higher price for a limited reprint volume. If
>you aren't desperate to get the material, I would scour the second-hand
>bookstores first.
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