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Migraines in the Crown Chakra

Jun 04, 1998 07:15 PM
by Darren Porter


you wrote:
>I suffer from migraines also, have for years. They are troubling and
>often debilitating at the most inopportune times. Have you had any
>success finding relief from them?

It took me 13 years to get them to a manageable level. At the age of 11 my
parents first took me to a physician, who after a series of x-rays, cats
etc, declared there was no physical cause and promptly sent me to a
psychologist. This was my first encounter with relaxation therapies and I
actually found that the sessions were benificial but my migraines didn't go.
Next stop was the orthodontist - I had my jaw broken and re-set, braces and
4 wisdom teeth removed and for about a year I felt great. I still had
migraines but their severity and regularity was reduced.
They returned with full force when I commenced Uni and the next stop was
the optometrist. After getting glasses, I again I felt close to fine for
about 12 months.
Next was a naturopath who said It was probably dietary and to stop cheese,
chocolate, wine etc All the usual goodies. And suggested meditation.
I found a book called 'Pain relief without Drugs' - I can't remember the
authors name but he was from Melbourne. I began to meditate but knew the
effects would take a while to manifest themselves. At the same time I was
introduced to Marijuana. Since then I have used meditation and medicinal
marijauna and since then (approx 3 years) I have had maybe 5 or 6
debilitating migraines. Which is a massive improvement from one a week.
Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa or C. Indica) has the added affect of
'cleansing the doors of perception' as Aldous Huxley would say, which means
that during meditation I am able to enter Alpha, Beta states much more
rapidly. Marijuana has de-stressed me no end and it is for this reason that
I believe my Migraines were hereditary. My mother also suffers and is the
most highly strung person you could meet.
Since I was concerned about the long term side effects of marijuana smoking
I did a fair amount of research and also consulted my Doctor.
I strongly recommend 'Hemp for Health' by Chris Conrad. He deals with
medicinal applications of marijuana in length. to others reading this
(including Dr Bain - osteo-arthritis), if you suffer from Multiple
Sclerosis, Gluocoma, Asthma, Migraines or are undergoing Chemotherapy then
Marijuana is by far the best available remedy.

the arguments against the use of MJ include schizophrenia, lung problems
and a dampening of ambition. I personally don't think schizophrenia is a
bad thing, just misunderstood - most Shamen are schizophrenic (not paranoid
however). Lung problems can be minimised by using an Indian Hookah or
water-bong as this removes most large particles. I have two friends who
were asthmatics who now NEVER suffer attacks since smoking MJ. Incidentally
anyone suffering an acute attack can be saved by getting them to quickly
take 2-3 'tokes', this opens the small air sacs wider and promotes oxygen


"The Tibetans consider Cannabis sacred. A Mahayana Buddhist tradition
maintains that during the six steps of ascetism leading to enlightenment,
Buddha lived on one Hemp seed a day....In Tantric Buddhism of the Himalayas
of Tibet, Cannabis plays a very significant role in the meditative ritual
used to facilitate deep meditation and heightened awareness. both medicinal
and recreational secular use of Hemp are likewise so common now in this
region that the plant is taken for granted as an everyday necessity" -
Plants of the Gods, Schultes and Hoffman.

"This ain't no joke, come on and buy the world a toke
And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"
Smash Mouth - Walking on the Sun


Darren the Pot-head

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