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Re: thought or intuition?

Jun 04, 1998 06:03 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Thoa Tran <> writes and quotes
>if we did what you
>>> suggested the person who was threatening to jump would already be shark
>>> by the time we figured out how to "act accordingly."
>>        So you take your chances. Also, once you get into the habit, the
>>thought process becomes fsster and faster.
>>        Bart Lidofsky
>That could work if you have the time to think it through.  But in an
>emergency situation, or when you are face-to-face with someone seeking
>advice, the intuition has to kick in, and guide the thought and action.
>Knowledge before hand is necessary, but instinct has to take over when it
>comes time for action.  You can think everything out as much as you want,
>but until you get the experience on the battlefield, you won't know how to
>let your instinct guide you.

Like the shark.  It doesn't stop to think either fast or slow, and so it gets
there first.

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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