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Egregores and Masters

Jun 05, 1998 00:03 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>In her guidelines for becoming a chela HPB lists the need to have developed
>a sense of intuitive understanding of certain principles.  Developing this
>sense is key to art and awareness.  Crowley openly declared that there were
>lies in his writing to force his students to rely on and develop their own
>sense of intellect rather than be a sheep and passively accept whatever he
>put on the page.  This is a common practice amoung occult writers.  That's
>why it amuses that this list spends so much time bickering about HPB
>"untruths".  From the Crowley perspective, if the student can't intuitively
>recognize a human truth from a human lie, what chance to they have finding
>their way around other planes!

B-I-N-G-O again!  When words are given me by people I love and trust, I
still try to see whether it's true or has to be so.  When words are given
me by people I was given a bad impression of, I try to quiet my prejudice
so that I could hear them, and hear whether what they say is true.  My
prejudices of Crowley came from his reputation.  I had to quiet down my
prejudices in order to hear some of what he had to say.  I came to the same
conclusion as you.

I believe that in the theosophical societies, the three objects were put
there for a reason.  All theosophists should recite it as a mantra every
day.  When you fail in any of those three, you have failed in some way as a
theosophist.  One of the biggest failure that I see is not respecting
other's interests.  Because of the nature of theosophical teaching, that
only creates separation among theosophists, and the downward spiral in
membership.  When an institution is set up with a set of ideas (the three
objects), and the ideas are not followed by the membership, then the
purpose of the institution is lost, and the institution will fail.  We can
argue back and forth about what HPB, the Masters, Leadbeater, or
Krinasmurti said, and we can have differing translations, but what is
unchangeable is the three objects.

Thoa :o)

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