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theos-talk-digest V1 #177

Jun 04, 1998 07:45 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

>Brenda wrote:
>>What do yo mean you're a friend?  Are you living in the same locality?  Do
>>you spend time together regularly?
>What?!  What does this have to do with having a friendship?  I've dear
>friends who don't live near me and I've dear friends who do - whether or not
>Paul and I schmooze in the flesh or in the mind has little to do with the
>validity or depth of our friendship.

The simple statement by you that you are someone's friend doesn't
necessarily make it true in my mind.

>My point was: you may consider people "inherently evil" - but that doesn't
>mean it is true nor that others will take kindly to being referred to as
>"inherently evil."

No, it doesn't. So I suppose we should just KEEP THE SECRET DOCTRINE secret.

>>Those quotes are right from THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  You have to admit that
>>many people don't really know what theosophy is.
>It's NOT the QUOTES I'm dickering with here - it's *your interpretation* of
>them. *Your interpretation* smacks of fundie language to me.  I've never
>walked away from a book of theosophical writings believing that it meant to
>say humans are "inherently evil."  Humans may have created or contributed to
>'evil' or 'evil-doings' - but humans, animals, stink-bugs, lava rocks, and
>prickly-bushes are not, in themselves, 'evil.'

When HPB says evil didn't exist on the earth until humans got here, how do
you interpret this?

Evil is in our mental constitution.  It is a construct which humans use,
but perhaps one which is not used by the animal kingdom or the adept (our
next) kingdom of nature.  Evil wasn't here until there was a mind to
possess it.  When I arrived, if it was as I think, with the human race, our
superior stature threw a shadow on the inferior animal kingdom.  Thereby,
"evil" was created. There were now two kingdoms existing side by side.  Now
that ascended masters are here (in their first race perhaps), evil takes on
a new appearance.  It isn't the animals (which have long since moved on to
their next globe in the chain) and it isn't present in man's actions as we
would interpret evil to exist independently of another being.  Instead evil
is the shadow thrown on us by the ascended masters.  It is found when the
removal of human conditions is attained by beings of light.

Why is this so offensive to you that you have to look for a "friend" to
stand by you?

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