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Re: RHPB ==A Protest by Dallas TenBroeck

Jun 03, 1998 07:12 PM
by Darren Porter


Did you know that chocoloate has cannibinoids (ie same as Marijuana). You
would however have to consume one fifth of your body weight to get any
psychic effect. You would be sick a long way before that. It is also
impossible to OD on Marijuana for much the same reason, you can't
physically consume any more after a certain point, which is well below the
toxicity level.
Every drug is a poison - the effects are just determined by dose. The only
group of drugs in our whole pharmicopea that have no real physical side
effects are the psychadelics (not all of course).

>From the bottom of the world,


 At 11:34 PM 6/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Ever tried chocolate, Darren?  Now, if that isn't some sort of a secret
>anti-human plot by UFOs to control us earthlings, I don't know what is.
>Namaste, too
>Thoa :o)
>>Now really. I no this is intended as a joke but i actually feel that Heroin
>>is one of the few drugs that offers no spiritual insight and should really
>>only serve medical purposes. i don't advocate the use of every drug, just
>>the useful ones.
>>Thoa wrote:
>>>Or heroin-worship, in Darren's case.
>>>Thoa :o)
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