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Jun 03, 1998 11:27 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>There are perhaps two aspects of the philosophy. One part is like
>popular music. We hear it and are touched, it moves us, it sweeps
>us up with its power. But after many times hearing the same song,
>it loses some of its power, and some new song comes along that
>takes its place. This part relates to the dynamic, at-the-moment,
>enjoyment-of-life, desire/enjoyment side of life.
>The second part is like the learning of mathematical formulas,
>the study of physics, the learning of how to type. We learn
>how something works, or acquire a specific skill, and have grown
>and bettered ourselves. The learning or skill is specific, not
>subject to interpretation, not something that quickly goes stale
>and needs freshening, and is as useful now, perhaps, as it was
>25 years ago or 25 years hence.
>In the first case, we're keeping open a fresh stream of
>creative energies flowing though us into the world. In the
>second case, we're building ourselves, growing, becoming more
>skilled, intelligent, capable, useful in the world.
>Our study of Theosophy has these two aspects. We seek to
>keep the creative energies flowing, to be alive, dynamic,
>vibrant, shining in our experience and sharing of it. And
>we seek to learn, know more, become more familiar with the
>great thought available to us from the people we meet and
>the vast libraries at our disposal.
>Both aspects are important. With just the first, we become
>a creative fool, entertaining perhaps, but with nothing of
>weight to offer, perhaps limited to playing a clown or
>trickster. With just the second, we become a dried-up-old
>bookworm, a lifeless sap, a cold, unexpressive recounter
>of the words of others, with nothing of our own heartlife
>to give value or meaning to our words.

I absolutely agree with this statement.  To understand the dynamics of the
world, I like to travel in different areas.  With each area I travel into,
the fog becomes a little clearer.  Being a creative scholar fool is fun!

Thoa :o)

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