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Re: More on SD Vol. 3

Jun 02, 1998 07:51 PM
by Marshall Hemingway III

in a message dated 98-06-02 18:07:32 EDT, Dallas writes:

<< in Bombay, when I was a lad (from age 14 on) I lived in  the same house as
Mr. B. P. Wadia did and saw him almost daily. ["Aryasangha," 22 Narayan
Dabholkar Rd., Bombay.] A stream of  visitors of distinction, old
Theosophists, etc., came by, and we  were often invited to "come upstairs,"
meet them after dinner, and listen to what they had to say about the times
when they knew and met HPB or Mr. Judge, and others of the Inner Group around
HPB. As I said I cannot now recall who said that, but the saying  remains
imprinted in my mind. I cannot substantiate it with a  name,  It might have
been Alice Cleather, or old John Watkins, or someone else. >>

You have had an interesting life, Dallas. You should write down your
recollections sometime and share them with us.

Best Wishes

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