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May 31, 1998 05:47 PM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-05-30 22:10:10 EDT, Sophia writes:

<< Thank you for posting this intended Encyclical.  Could we be informed when
it actually get issued? >>

All I can gather from the article is that such an encyclical is in the works
and will probably be released before the year is out. An encyclical ordinarily
is not an infallible document and does not carry the weight of an ex cathedra
statement. Since Vatican II, the Roman Church has been in a state of disarray
and has become decentralized, each jurisdiction in the countries around the
world becoming, in effect, quasi-autonomous. Hence, few people pay any
attention to what the Pope says anymore, including bishops. The laity and
clergy may pay lip service to the Vatican but after going through the
formalities, they just go ahead do their own thing.

However, it will be interesting to hear what John Paul says about occultism
even though it will have little bearing on what Catholics world-wide really
feel about issues like reincarnation, the "perennial wisdom". etc.

Best Wishes

PS. I will be in India in September/October. If I'm in Bombay I'll make it a
point to visit the Lodge.

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