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May 30, 1998 06:53 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

> Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:58:30 EDT
> From: "Marshall Hemingway III" <>
> Subject: Pope to condemn HPB and the Masters

Thank you for posting this intended Encyclical.  Could we be informed
when it actually get issued?

One of the important outcomes of this is to draw attention to the
doctrines which the Vatican fears the most, namely :

"1) The world is seen as one organic whole.
2) But it is animated by an Energy which is more or less like God.
3) There are spiritual entities acting as mediators to man.
4) Man by spiritual exercises can control his life beyond death.
5) There is a "perennial wisdom" which precedes every religion and every
culture and is superior to every religion.
6) There are "enlightened" spiritual masters one should follow."

May be this shows the techings which we should highlight and explain the
most. Could it be possible to have still more contributions specially on
those that have had little consideration in our Theos-talk.

The other list provided, of belief of the Vatican, also are indicators
to us of areas of explanation and ellucidation, namely :

"1) The existence of a Creator
2) The reality of prayer to God, a meeting of two persons, which should
have the character of adoration, of petition, of thanksgiving offered by
the creature to the Creator, and is certainly not mere self-discovery.
3) The reality of human sin and the need of a Redeemer.
4) The significance of suffering and of death
5) The necessity of love and of work, not mere thought, to change the
world. Contradicting Christian belief, the New Age literature tends more
or less to identify God with the world, or to make the world a necessary
emanation from God, not His"

Thanks, once more,  Sophia

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