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Re: Science approaches Thesophical view of brain/mind

May 30, 1998 05:10 PM
by Teos9 (Louis)

In a message dated 98-05-05 09:26:58 EDT,  Dallas writes:


 I would like to know where this information concerning the nature
 of the hologram is derived from.  I am interested in the aspect
 that relates every part to the whole, etc... The analogy to the
 connection of each individual Mind to the "Universal Mind" is

 I would like to see some source information if you have it, or
 visit a site where the description is taken from.

 You mention several authors, Are there any sites you can suggest
 for visiting or reviewing the crucial material relating to this
 aspect ?

 Thanks, in advance,                    Dallas

In the Late 70's early 80's, three breakthrough works wich presented  the then
current ideas being investigated in the worl of new physics and connecting
them to their esoteric/metaphysical counterparts were: "Stalking the wild
pendulum." by Itzhak Bentov.," The Tao of Physics" by Fritjohf Capra and "The
Dancing Wu-li Masters" by Gary Zukav. The discoveries regarding Holographic
plates are mentioned in all three of these books along with many other
Spiritual/Scientific indications.
I am sure that many have  read these three books early in  their metaphysical
wanderings. I would just like to point out that from a Theosophical point of
view they are still valid and bear a second and third look

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