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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #162

May 30, 1998 04:17 AM
by Kym Smith

Paul wrote:

>What kinds of misunderstandings are most prevalent?  My own
>experience suggests that people are most ready to impugn
>destructive motives to persons who are not out to harm anyone.
>It's very easy to think that the person who accidentally steps on
>our toes has deliberately set out to cause us injury.

This is why I believe that in order to really teach (as I mentioned to
Dallas) one must take into account, always, human emotion and psychology.
There is absolutely no way to write something about "spiritual" guides (like
HPB) without upsetting someone.  When someone holds something or someone
very dear to their heart, it can be a shattering experience to be exposed to
something which can be perceived as "negative" toward the beloved.  All of
us are vulnerable to this experience.  And all of us run the risk of hurting
someone practically everyday.  We can be on either side of the experience at
differing times.  It is important to pay attention to the pain we experience
so we can learn compassion and how to help heal the suffering of others (and

>And it
>gets very karmically complicated when we *do* set out
>deliberately to insult or offend or wound another, thinking we
>are avenging a deliberate attack-- but when in fact the target of
>such feelings and actions is innocent of any such bad will as we

I don't believe in all cases of offense there is karma - for example, I
accidentally stepped out in front of a car today and promply received an
up-turned middle finger from the driver.  Since he had a gun in his truck
rack, I did not return in kind.  Again, I don't believe this is an example
of a working-out of karma nor do I believe he and I are now destined to hug
and kiss in some future time to re-establish some kind of balance (I accept
I could be wrong here).

However, in more intense cases, like that of Daniel and yourself, there
clearly seems to be mega-karma involved.  (I think this has been mentioned
before regarding you two) It appears to go far beyond (behind?) this
particular dispute over your books and the credibility of HPB.  In reality,
HPB can stick up for herself - the Mahatmas can stick up for themselves -
whatever is True can defend itself; Truth is not in danger.  I have paid
close attention to not what you and Daniel say, but how you two say it.  At
the risk of being booted into next week, I must state, from a theosophical
viewpoint, that the relationship between you and Daniel is a prime example
of manifest karma (and a fascinating one) - and I know a grievous experience
for each of you, I am not minimizing the great stress and angst this has
caused both you gentlemen.  Annie B. would recommend that you two recognize
the specialness of your relationship and begin to use it for an even greater
expression.  Annie could be mushy.  Either way, you two are toast - bonded.

Now, if John-John Algeo would set a better leadership example, you two may
yet be spared another incarnation of having to oblige each other karmic
service - at least, in this subject area.


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