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Egregores and Masters

May 29, 1998 02:27 PM
by K Paul Johnson

Lmhem111, your comments about thought forms of Masters remind me
of the doctrine of "egregores."  Cultural constructs that have an
actual objective existence, and which people can tap into.  For
example, I hear that there's a woman in California who channels
Barbie.  Think of the millions of little girls pouring out
Barbie-worship for decades, and perhaps it makes sense that there
is an egregore out there which can be channeled.

But my perception is 180 degrees from yours when the issue
becomes whether the thought forms of Morya, Koot Hoomi, etc. are
foci of positive energy which can be used by actual Mahatmas or
bodhisattvas, etc.  Judging "by their fruits," I'd say rather
than these figures in Theosophical imaginations have had a
largely negative effect.  There's been more feuding and fussing
among Theosophists and successors about Masters than any other
subject, and the Theosophists who are most vocally gung ho on the Masters
have always struck me as the most unbalanced generally and the
worst examples of how Theosophy affects a person.

One could of course use the same argument about cultural
constructs of Jesus.  Some of them are downright evil, IMO.  But
I'd say there are many Jesuses floating around in the egregore
world, some of them founts of love and compassion, others avatars
of exclusiveness and hate.  (Whatever Jerry Falwell prays to
cannot be a good thing.)  And the pope doesn't seem to be tapping
into a very positive energy either, judging from the language of
the article you posted as well as many other things. (Thanks!)  On
the other hand, the Jesus that Edgar Cayce worshipped (leaving aside
all questions of historical accuracy) surely seems to have been a source of
healing, loving, liberating, enlightening energies.


PS-- I'm delighted that the RC Church is scared s--tless by the
New Age movement.  It should be!  Probably half its members in
this country believe more in the New Age philosophy than in the
dogmas the Pope would have them believe.  Unfortunately, the
Theosophical orgs also seem to be paranoid about the New Age and
generally more negative than positive, which is very regrettable

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