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Re: K. Paul Johnson and HPB's alleged "untruths"

May 27, 1998 04:57 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Apparently there are always going to be those who are determined
>to prove HPB wrong by one means or another -- if they cannot
>assail her on philosophy or the esoteric history of mankind and
>of the world, then why not assail her on her personal life ?
>Solovioff, and his successors tried this .... !

Dallas, I think you're missing the whole point that Johnson and
I have been trying to make. We are trying to point out that
Blavatsky was human and that she was not infallible and that
she did, on occasion, make mistakes. That all that I was
out to "prove." I have never tried to "assail" her (this is your
own over-reaction, I think).

As to telling untruths or "fibs" I respect her for it. I posted a
lengthy essay awhile back about Kohlberg's moral levels
which showed that any person at the highest moral level of
development will fib when it is necessary. I believe that HPB
was at the highest moral level of development.

Jerry S.

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