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Unanswered questions

May 27, 1998 06:45 AM
by K Paul Johnson

In Daniel's latest, he comments that no "Blavatsky students" are
willing to discuss the Krishnavarma issue I raised, which he
considers legitimate.  Then he posts an excerpt from a website in
which I quote and comment on a passage from TMR about 4
conflicting versions of Morya, and tries to solicit comment on

I've tried to get some discussion on that before and failed.  But
several other passages I posted more recently on the subject of HPB and
"untruth" have gone unanswered.  What do we make of the passage
in HPB's letters to Sinnett where she confesses to lying when she
said she was indifferent or opposed to a Russian invasion of
India?  What to make of her remarks to Charles Johnston on the
subject?  What to make of Master M's comments about her being
obligated to mislead people about the Masters sometimes, related
to international considerations?

None of these things can be explained by my alleged "bad
motives."  Perhaps the real problem is that they cannot be
explained *at all* without going outside the conceptual universe in
which these folks live, and which they have no intention of
leaving or even questioning?


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