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SD 3rd edition

May 26, 1998 08:30 AM
by Reed Carson

Dallas wrote:

So I am, for the moment, at a loss to give you a precise
quotation.=A0 It is possible that another student who reads this
exchange may have something to say on the subject to assist you
and me in this matter.=A0 It would be good to hear from others.
Just putting in two cents:  Independently of Dallas, I had also noticed the
difference in meaning of Kosmic, vs Cosmic.  Once one realizes this
distinction, suddenly mysterious languange becomes a step more clear.
On a number of occassions in the early pages of the SD, one can start by
letting Kosmos refer to the absolute and Cosmos refer to this universe, then
account for the context and add ones intuition.  Then one can see her
pushing the language to communciate - perhaps struggling with the language -
when her vocabulary of terms has not yet been developed, and when the
distinctions may be highly metaphysical in any case. One sees her saying it
this way, then saying it that way, in what one can easily imagine as an
attempt to jog the intuition of the student.
         It would definitely be a loss to have this spelling "corrected" by
an academic. Sorry for not having page numbers  - just confirming Dallas'
observations independently.
Reed Carson

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