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Re: SD 3rd Edition comared with Original 1888 Edition.

May 25, 1998 03:45 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Alan:

Sorry you are afflicted with the osteo-arthritis problem.  I had
both knees "replaced" about a year ago for the same reason--so
you have my full sympathies.  Time is a commodity in rare supply

Yes I am of the opinion that the S D contains a code that will
open the understanding to "deeper" levels of the philosophy
presented there.  Every time I go back to read or study portions
of it, it is like peeling an onion, I find some meanings that I
overlooked earlier.

I can only speak from personal experience.  The observation
concerning the use of "Kosmic" and "Cosmic" by HPB was made by
another student and I did not keep a note of it then, in terms of
actual pages in the SD, beyond noting the statement.

It is a pity you don't have both the books to compare them

I use two large INDEXES to the SD (Original 1888 Edition) and
have not troubled myself with the 1893 edition for a long time
once that I found it (in my esteem) to be faulty (because of the
changes made in it).

So I am, for the moment, at a loss to give you a precise
quotation.  It is possible that another student who reads this
exchange may have something to say on the subject to assist you
and me in this matter.  It would be good to hear from others.

In 1925 Margaret Thomas an old-time student of Theosophy issued a
book titled "Theosophy or Neo-Theosophy" and in that she posted
in parallel columns the differences that had occurred in
presentation of Theosophical doctrine as between HPB, and Annie
Besant or Leadbeater's later writings.  I believe that the
Edmonton T S in Canada has recently reprinted the M. Thomas book.
There the citations are clear.

Let me make some further inquiries to illustrate this point to
you later on.

Thanks,  Dallas

> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 4:59 PM
> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
> Subject: Re: SD 3rd Edition

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>I believe that the book also contains a key to occultism, and
>>so called trifles bay blur or obscure the original "codes"
>This, as you say, is something you "believe."  Why?
>>  If
>>you do that then you will soon see the meanings are altered.
>>Example  HPB uses KOSMIC for the Universe outside our Solar
>>system.  Inside our solar system she used the word COSMIC.
>>are other changes too.
>Have all the references to KOSMIC been changed to COSMIC?  I do
>not (yet) have the 1888 edition to make my own comparison, and
>and energy is short - I am disabled with osteo-arthritis, which
>debilitating, to say the least.
>Does HPB make it clear (in the 1888 edition) that she uses the
>spelling in different contexts?  Can you quote (rather than give
>Brought to you from
> West Cornwall, UK

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