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May 25, 1998 06:27 PM
by Dr A M Bain

libidia <> writes
>Is there only one way to "enlightenment" or are there as many ways as
>there are parts to this creation?
>This is critical.  Because, if we can stand together in "brotherhood"
>and your language is called Theosophy and mine is called Druidism and
>our neighbours' are called Hinduism, Catholicism, Starseed etc. etc. and
>we all seek the truth which is universal, respecting each other and all
>parts of creation and live in peace with each other and all parts of
>creation, then, by george, we've hit on the perfect life for human-kind.
>And, IMHO, when (and not if) that happens, all of us will transcend the
>physical.  Why not now...... because each one of us has to reach that
>ability individually, and retain it alone, without a shred of doubt or
>fear, before this "plane" is done.
>Much merit in them
>Blessed Be

I think you have re-stated the famous "First Principle" in your special
way.  Blessed be indeed!

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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