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Re: Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 24, 1998 05:55 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Alan:
You wrote about my message:
> This is also what I have discoveed more than once!

Thanks for sharing.  I knew I wasn't alone in reaching that little
pinnacle of understanding :)

Did you also experience the golden light? (no need to answer
physically)  It shone down on my shoulders and in the instant I felt
that the "weight" of the world was no weight at all when "carried" in

Since, in my travels I have been angry enough to fly in orbit with the
earth ready to push with one finger and didn't because I realized I
cared for all the people and creation, and have also wanted to do an
"Atlas Shrugged" thing many times, I felt pretty good about my progress
in rediscovering "love".

Call me facetious, but I'm grading (marking, to you English bods) myself
every step of the way this time around.  It's childish, it'll pass.

> Signposts, pointing
> Do we wish to travel this way
> Or that?

It's only a matter of time and choice of experiences.
See you at the end.

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