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Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 18, 1998 05:20 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Jerry Schueler <> writes
>she claimed to have been initiated into Tibetan Buddhism and
>to have Tibetan Buddhists as Masters (at least some). It seems to
>me that she should have either incorporated their stuff into her teachings
>or told us when and why she did not. I agree that Theosophical
>teachings can be found in most of the world's religions if we look
>real hard. But a lot of basic religious teaching is opposed to what
>Theosophy teaches. Buddhism teaches that the world is created
>through our own karma, and not from gods, cosmocratores, manus,
>and so on, so here is yet another disconnect from her statement
>that she was a Buddhist (she did join Buddhism, along with Olcott)
>and what she says in the SD.

Insofar as the masters are concerned, they would clearly (surely?) have
to have been at least nominal Hindus if only to deserve the title?

Mahatma Gandhi was Hindu, as was the well-known Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi (of Beatles infame).  The latter is/was an educated man
with a degree, and wrote a commentary on the first seven chapters of
the "Gita" and was a product of the still existing Shankaracharya school
in the Himalayas.  HPB mentions the first Shankaraycharya quite often
in her writings, and all his successors inherit the name, as well as
learning the secular names of all the holders of the office.

All of them are addressed by name in the Hindu initiation ceremony
which confers the Maharishi's meditation.  I know - I took it!

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 West Cornwall, UK

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