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your posting on T-I of may 5th "emptiness"

May 19, 1998 03:52 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Hi Dallas,

I sent your post back and forth to myself so often, I forgot which list
this originated from.  I'm going to post it on Theos-l and theos-talk.  I
don't think this came from TI-L.  Let me see whether I can play your
Jeopardy game!


>What would you say that a "force field" is ?            Empty or
>full ?

Emptiness is a tricky word, Dallas.  We use the word empty to describe
something which our minds and senses cannot perceive.  However, as seers
have said for ages and science is discovering, emptiness is not really
empty.  When I used the word "empty" in my past posts, I was actually
referring to the hidden, which was not actually empty in the dictionary
sense.  I also think that was what all the sages meant when they said

>Empty as far as our kind of "matter" is  --  full of
>electro-magnetic "force-matter" -- or am I wrong ?

By this terminology, I guess you could say it's empty.  However, I would
define all "matter", seen and unseen, kinetic and potential, as one
infinite flow of varying vibrations.  To me, a "force field" is just a
closed system of vibrations.  Is there any area in existence not under some
kind of an energy influence?

>Is the existence and harnessing of electricity, via the
>interruption on a cyclic basis of ferro-magnetism, a significant
>example of our using matter from "another dimension ?"

According to theories using higher dimensions, it is.  Einstein's general
theory of relativity, via the Kaluza-Klein theory, suggests that forces
result from the warping of hyperspace.  In fact, Einstein thought that all
matter,  which is energy, which is vibrations, is the result of distortions
in space-time.  This coincides with the theosophical mechanics of atoms, as
matter, transforming itself upwards into a higher plane, and vice versa.
>From the perception of one plane, the atom seemed to have vanished from the
physical world, and vice versa.

>I wonder if this is actually one of the many "properties" of the
>"astral light, which also surrounds us.

I would guess that the same mechanics would go for the "astral light".  It
could be a higher dimensional world from our three-dimension.  Like
emptiness, it seems to me that labeling dimensions is only for the purpose
of our three-dimensional minds.

>What is the "life energy"

It is the vitality that survives even after death of the physical body.  It
is the non-static force.  It is the vibrations of our "consciousness."
According to the holographic theory, our "consciousness" is actually an
interference pattern from two coliding waves.  Since a hologram can be
divided into smaller multitudes without losing the "whole", it is theorized
that our consciousness is a smaller hologram of the bigger hologram of the
Cosmos.  The Cosmos could be described as one big interference pattern.
Thus, a need for separation into Matrix and Father to form the Son.

>What is "exhaustion" that you and I,
>feel physically after long exercise (or, rather to be accurate,
>what used to do).

Can't get those creaky bones hopping, eh, Dallas? :o)  I'm sure you already
know the physical answer to that, which is the expending of energy, the
oxygen, the work and excretion of cells, the sweating, etc.  We are passing
some of the energy to whatever we are working on and against.  Our energy
goes from our fists into the punching bag.  It goes to push against the
force of gravity.  The exhaustion is our body telling us to rest while it
repairs itself against the stress put on it.  Whatever we do impacts our
cells and impacts our environment, and vice versa.  Vibrations flowing with

>What is the power of emotions ?  where does it arise, How is it
>examined, channeled, felt, used ?

This is a very good question.  For one thing, emotion separates us from a
computer.  Even if we were to invent an android that has all the computer
thinking process, it would still appear "soulless" due to its lack of
emotion.  Why is emotion so intertwined with human and perhaps animal
consciousness?  Some people who had parts of their brain destroyed reported
a feeling of blandness, no love, no joy, and no anger.  What does that say
about our non-physical being?  Are those people obstructed from feeling
emotion by their physical body?  Or is emotion not a necessary part of
higher consciousness?  When those people die, will they feel emotion again?
Just as spinal injury victims often dream of wholeness, do those people
dream that they are full emotional beings again?  Scientifically, a leaf
cut from a tree will show an aura of the branch that it was detached from.
Is there still an aura of the emotion of the consciousness after the
physical emotion part of the brain was cut off?

>What is "mental energy"  How is that harnessed,  How is it
>directed ?  does it have a different speed from that of "light "

Mental energy is basically consciousness.  The true state of consciousness
is undifferentiated and nonlocal, thus beyond space and time.  Thus,
consciousness can be everywhere at once.  It is theorized that this
nonlocality of consciousness makes psychic ability possible.  For example,
the ability to see into the future or the past is attributed to this.

>Finally: Who are the "WE ?" in each one of us ?

The whole of the larger whole?  I am here and everywhere.

>A friend last evening said quite seriously:  Here we are
>discussing (the Secret Doctrine, at our Malibu study class) and
>fundamentally we are only a "field of energy."

That gives me a charge!

>Gave us all pause for thought !

Me, too!

>        Best wishes,            Dal.

You, too, Dallas.

Thoa :o)

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