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Re: HPB's "Untruths"

May 18, 1998 01:50 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>[Wes]    We agree on the first point  (she knew the occult doctrines), but
>must have missed the next part of the discussion:    I thought HPB's
>Teachers were from the Great Lodge of Adepts.   What difference does it
>make what their nationalities were?   Those great beings are such by
>their inner development, not by belonging to this or that particular
>outer form of race, creed, etc.   Part of HPB's work was to call
>attention to the fact of the existence of the Great Lodge, not only in
>historical personages, but in universally found doctrines and in our own
>inner potential.

Everyone who has compassion in their heart is a member
of The Great White Lodge. They are not terribly formal.
HPB claimed to have been initiated into Tibetan Buddhism.
This was at a time when such things were considered to
be impossible(prior to A. David-Neel). If so, then she should
know about such things as Tibetan Tantras and the three
bodies, and so on as taught in Tibetan Buddhism. From
her actual writings though, she either didn't know, or deliberately
muddled/hid things for her own purposes.

>    Let me try to clarify a little further:   HPB pointed to the
>"ancient, wisdom teaching" that was hidden in all the great religions,
>sciences and philosophies of the past.  She said the key to
>understanding them was turned once in Isis, once more in the S.D.  (I
>think).  But my reference to "the adepts of antiquity" was not to the
>exoteric teachings of any time or place, but rather to the "eternal
>sacred science."

This is pure word-smithing. Esoteric stuff are experiences and
when they are put into words they become exoteric (i.e., limitied
by the nature of language and thoughts). HPB is the one who
taught me this. All we can ever get from the past is exoteric
stuff that was written down. IMHO the Adepts current today are
no better or worse than those of antiquity.

Jerry S.

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