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death of John Cooper

May 14, 1998 08:20 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

A number of list members may have known John Cooper, and may
be interested to hear that he has passed on. The following
news was reported by someone in Australia:

> I rang our National Pres. Bev Champion and she confirmed that
> Danielle Cooper (his daughter) rang her yesterday to say that
> John died on Tues afternoon l2th at the University. Someone had
> just been talking to him and John appeared to be his usual jovial
> self. A short time later two of John's students knocked on his
> office door and found John slumped over his desk - dead. He put
> his Ph.D thesis in last week & has just finished the HPB letters,
> so she thinks.
> The T.S is going to have a memorial service on Sunday afternoon
> in Sydney for John, and Bev would appreciate any contributions.
> Her tel no. is 02 9264.7056 and FAX is 02 9264 5857.

To contact the T.S., write

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