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Testimony and evidence

May 13, 1998 05:03 PM
by Dr A M Bain

W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>The testimony of the Masters of Wisdom, through Theosophy, as to
>the super-sensuous truths and secret laws of Nature, verified by
>evidence of their possession and use of such powers, challenges
>candid examination from every interested mind.

And every intrested mind, with integrity, should also be able to
challenge the testimony of "Masters of Wisdom" - including their claims
to be such - and ask for evidence to support their claims.  Why? -
because there is no religion higher than truth.

But - as Pilate is quoted as saying - what is truth?

In other words, if we are asked to accept a teaching, we should have
the right to apply the scientific method and ask for the evidence and
experiential methodology to verify it for ourselves, and even, perhaps,
to discover new things.

.... and what do the "Mistresses of the Wisdom" have to say?
Ashtaroth was around long before "Jehovah" became fashionable!

Methinks we need "third object" training for some of this!

Alan :-)
Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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