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No sailing thru the Astral Plane

May 13, 1998 08:27 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-05-12 22:47:30 EDT, Mark writes:

<< Imagine a strong desire nature, quite vibrant during life, now unable to
gratify itself through the body it has recently lost. It yearns, but cannot
satisfy. Hence the postmortem "suffering" of those whose lives were lived
predominantly in
the lower levels of the kamic nature. >>

The "strong desire nature" seems to be prevalent in today's world considering
all the addictions human beings are prone to - drugs, alcohol, gluttony, &
lust (all fueled by the popular culture). Anger, jealousy, hate, depression
and similar emotional disorders which can chain a soul to the lower emotions
guarantees that a good portion of humanity will be "doing time" on the lower
Astral Plane. Is "purgatory" a crowded place or what? The idea (in the early
literature) that the average man or woman will somehow sail through the Astral
Plane in a semi-conscious state or even "asleep" I think is a mistaken one.
Perhaps "pristine" Theosophists and ES members (just kidding) will leapfrog
over the astral realm. However, common sense tells me that the normal bloke
will be working off whatever needs to be worked off in the astral before going
on to Devachan.

my 2 cents

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