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Re: Generations of seers

May 13, 1998 05:31 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Commenting on the dugpa issue, here is one real lollapalooza of a
>mistaken interpretation of Tibetan religion. y not.
>If one wishes for whatever reason to accept the fear messages
>about a band of evil black magicians (which are to me a big blot on HPB's
>record and a terrible legacy that has wrought havoc in the
>Theosophical movement) then one can do so.  But to tie this in to
>the venerable lineages of the pre-reformation Tibetan Buddhism is

Paul, I absolutely agree here. If you read all of the modern
Tibetan books available today (I have read but a fraction)
you won't find anything at all about dugpas or black
magicians. Its just not a big issue, but unfortunately the
modern Theosophical movement seems to see them

Jerry S.

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