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Re: Second death

May 12, 1998 05:23 AM
by Pam Giese

> From: "Clare Povers" <>
> Can it also refer to death to the self and the realisation of the
> next stage as vital to work for NOW in the earth bound state?
> Not a joke but a very real and interesting progression.
> Lots of printed information available.see also Christian mystic
> books.
> Time over life experience: childhood into adolescence but
> how many die to the desires of the late teens to develop into adult
> hood? and sustain that stage. (death as passing from one stage to
> another.)

Then is there a difference between "Second Death" and mystical Christian
teaching of "Second Birth" or Rebirth?

Rebirth(in the mystical, not popular sense)  is not an intellectual
revelation, but a "death" of the personality and ego followed by an
awakened awareness of unity with god. Jerry phrased this very well in his
response.  To borrow another Christian metaphor, the time spent in second
death is sometimes called "the dark night of the soul" --that time of
absence and abandonment where previous pleasure and contentment are
remembered as only illusionary and meaningless.  One can spend a lifetime
in the bardo-like death state, clinging on the meaningless actions and
outer shells.  Or one can let the final threads of the old self fall away
and allow a new birth to take place.  With new birth comes the a new
awareness of love and oneness with the absolute.


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