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Re: Doctrine vs. doctrines

May 11, 1998 03:47 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Richard comments:
>> So anyway . . .  my opinion is that I can only take it as a very bad
>> perhaps even a possible indicator of second death--when individuals point
to a
>> book rather than their own transcendental natures and call it the
"source" for
>> their Theosophy.
>[Paul:] Which gets back to the same issue.  Theosophy, the eternal dharma
>present in every monad, doesn't come from books, although they
>can point us toward it.  "Theosophy" as a brand name does refer
>to HPB's specific *doctrines* but she warned again and again that
>we should never confuse the "specific tenets" with essential

This is what I meant when I said that we need to practice
Jnana Yoga. This kind of yoga is the vehicle for going from
our reading to actual direct experience. Its the difference
between exoteric (what can be put into words) and esoteric
(what cannot be clearly put into words, e.g., love).

Jerry S.

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