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Re: what we think about the 'second death'

May 11, 1998 10:18 AM
by Alpha (Tony)

>Richard Ihle wrote:
> So anyway . . .  my opinion is that I can only take it as a very bad sign--and
> perhaps even a possible indicator of second death--when individuals point to a
> book rather than their own transcendental natures and call it the "source" for
> their Theosophy.

It depends on whether the individuals are pointing to a book, or to the
teachings which HPB passes on, teachings Theosophists would say were
verified by generations of Seers (those ahead of us), and relaying some of
what they see.   "their own transcendental natures" sounds good, but folk
with quite opposing views claim those views are from their own
transcendental natures, views which can't both be "right."   HPB does write
about our evil genius.  This to us might well come over as our
transcendental nature.
It is understandable that a dugpa would want to please us, pat us on the
back, win us over, and offer an environment where people are nicer.  A
Master will tell us the truth, and that we might well not like.
The Seers, are always checking, comparing what they see, and re-checking,
and aren't it seems prepared to just except their transcendental natures.


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