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Re: Dangers of psychism Nirmanakaya, Turiya, etc./

May 10, 1998 04:38 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Dear Jerry:
>While I am in general agreement with what you say and write, I
>find it somewhat jarring to read your statements like "HPB was
>wrong about..." or "You are wrong about ..."  Do you really think
>you know more than HPB or the Masters ?  I would call that
>extreme rashness.

I am not claiming to know more than either HPB or the Masters.
On the other hand, there is a lot more information available
today on Tibetan Buddhism than HPB or anyone else was privy to.
And Dallas, guess what? There are errors in her writings. Not
many. But they are there. I have already posted a bunch over
the years. This does not mean that she is wrong everywhere.
It only implies that she was human. Now you are free to ignore
them if you want to. BUt when you post what I feel is an error,
regardless of its source, then I feel compelled to point it out
to the others on this list who will get a distorted view. If
nothing else, I feel I have to try to vindicate what I feel are
unjust accusations that you or anyone else on this list makes.

>You are certainly entitled to trust your own studies and
>conclusions, but there is always an element of doubt, that one
>does not know everything.  I may be learned in some aspects of
>Theosophy, but am certainly far more ignorant about many others.
I don't often have time to ferret through my library and get quotes
for you. And when I have done so in the past, they were ignored
anyway. Please don't take anything of mine personally, but
if I disagree with something, I feel it is necessary to say so.
I will promise, in the future, to say "I think you are wrong" or
"You seem to be wrong" etc. Maybe that will help, although it
seeems obvious to me that when I say "you are wrong" I really
mean that in my opinion you are mistaken.

>But I do no accuse you of being wrong.  I would rather say that
>you may be mistaken.  and I have said this.  Ask yourself if you
>cannot modify your pronouncements to a more accurate: "My
>opinion, based on ...... are ---so and so ---  What are and where
>are your references ? what I suggest. "

What is the difference between wrong and mistaken?

>You need not heed my request or adopt my format, but for your own
>sake, should you be incorrect, what will you do when so
>confronted ?  You have "stuck your neck out."  But, have not
>reserved for yourself any "safety valve." and you do appear to be
>very "authoritarian."  No one is questioning your work.  But
>everyone knows that no one knows everything !

Yes, I stick my neck out all the time. Sometimes I get flames
for it, and sometimes a thank you. If you feel I am wrong
or mistaken, then you need to give me a source too.

>This  is not meant to offend, but simply to caution,


Jerry S.

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