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May 09, 1998 05:54 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Yes, mkr, it was good to read the White Lotus Day post and also your reply.
There is that feeling that HPB's contribution will be known, long, long
after Presidents, Kings & Queens will have faded.  The penultimate sentence
you write though is quite a puzzle, an interesting puzzle that is:
>In her days she did not have
>the modern conveniences of transportation and tools such as word processing
>and communication.

This comes over as just the garb of the present day.  Like the personality
of the world of the present time, as illusory as ever. Yet we should make
the best of what we have, of the choices available to us.
If man had chosen a different way forward at the turn of the last century,
perhaps instead of the telephone (....internet, etc.), we may have developed
telepathy (....., etc.)?  It seems we made a very materialistic
choice.......... Landing on the moon, as marvellous as it is (and defying
those who said it couldn't be done), but using brute force to get there.
Did it have to be like this?  Could we have travelled smoothly, flowing with
hidden forces, rather than blast our way through them?  Travel to Mars, etc.
Mars is still in obscuration.  Should we really be tinkering around with
this planet at the present time?  What psychic forces might be too early

The Boris de Zirkoff edition of "The Secret Doctrine" has photographs of the
moon and other planets, etc. in it (which sort of illustrates the way we
have gone) - yet the emphasis of the SD written by HPB and the Masters is to
the inner globes rather than the outer one.  The whole thrust of Theosophy
comes over as encouraging us in the direction of the *inner* "globes."


>I am delighted to read your post.
>If one only puts oneself in the position of HPB and the difficulties she
>faced in launching Theosophy and sacrifices made by her, and compare the
>contributions one has made, two things become very clear. First is enormous
>gratitude one should have for the knowledge made available to all the world
>and second is the most humble feeling of what one has personally sacrificed
>and contributed to the welfare of the world. In her days she did not have
>the modern conveniences of transportation and tools such as word processing
>and communication. Yet with the lack of all this, her achievements will
>last for centuries to come.
>At 05:31 PM 5/8/1998 +0000, you wrote:
>>To Fellow list members
>>Having just returned from a Lodge Meeting where we gathered on
>>the anniversary of H.P.B.'s death, and as
>>suggested by Col. Olcott, we read the passages indicated. As there
>>is already a posting of the reprint from The Theosophical Movement
>>April 1935 submitted by Sophia, I will not add a further
>>appreciation. The posting was very apt.
>>It was of considerable interest to download the reprint and it is now
>>in my White Lotus Day papers to read out at a future meeting or use
>>otherwise. We used passages from Madam Blavatsky Occultist by
>>Josephine Ransom. The dedication To H.P.B. Born 1881 - Died 1891
>>Is followed by the familiar words by James Elroy Flecker
>>"Since I can never se your face,
>>And never shake you by the hand,
>>I send my soul through time and space
>>To greet you. You will understand."
>>We ended our afternoon commemoration with the very telling words, so
>>often quoted:-
>>"Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain
>>as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun.
>>Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before theyself has
>>wiped it from the sufferer's eye.
>>But let each burning human tear drop on they heart,
>>and there remain.
>>Nor ever brush it off,until the pain that caused it is removed.
>>'Tis from the bud of reunciation of the self that springeth the
>>sweet fruit of final liberation'
>>Fragment One. The Voice of the Silence
>>It is of interest to note on page 39:-
>>"In the Tibetan schools of occultism where H.P.B. sat at the feet
>>her Master, it is customary for the Master to make sure that there
>>is an affinity between himself and his pupils, based upon ties formed
>>in earlier lives, ties which are regardd as indispensable for
>>Very often there are long preliminary trials to guage the pupil's
>>quality. In H.P.B.'s case these probably took place during those
>>long years of wandering and adventure when she tested the value of so
>>much that passed as occultism.*
>>footnote "The late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup was of the opinion that,
>>despite the adverse criticisms directed against H.P.Blavatsky's
>>works, there is adequate internal evidence in them of their author's
>>intimate acquaintance with the higher Lamaistic(italics) teachings,
>>into which she claimed to have been initiated" -
>>Tibetan Book of the Dead p.7
>>on page 77 Ransom writes "It was her aim, as it is the aim of all
>>true schools of Yoga, to help us to outstrip the tedious process of
>>normal evolution and win the Freedom of emancipation from all
>>"samsaric" existence.
>>Namaste- Clare

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