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Re: HPB : Truth or Untruth?

May 09, 1998 10:24 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 9th 1998

                Re:  My Protest    at the statement made
concerning HPB and

I stated my objections to the expression used, as, in HPB's
absence (or in the absence of anyone else, for that mater)  In my
view, no one ought to make such a statement.  There is no basis
for any adjustment in understanding, because of the absence of
the party charged.  That, to me, is plainly unfair.

To listen to, or to read a statement of this nature without
protest is tacit consent.  I do not consent, nor do I accept
without due proof.

I therefore protest the statement directly to the person who
makes it.

I am concerned with the old argument, so often used in

"If proved false in part, then everything is false.

To destroy a valuable truth, one need only attack the person who
utters it !

HPB knew this would be tried.  I note that the letter that has
been offered as "proof" in question is challenged as to
authenticity.  I also note that reference has or is to be made to
Mr. Ted Davy, as one who has studied the question extensively.
It would be good to have his answer.

Can some other basis for validating the charge of "untruth" be
offered ?  This one appears to be shaky.



In regard to the letter quoted.  I have the following questions:
Is the source from which the quotation is reproduced in HPB's own
handwriting ?  Is it in Russian or in English ?  In other words
was this translated ?  Has any unmarked "editing" been inserted ?

As I recall the book H.P.B. SPEAKS (Vols. I & II) were edited by
Mr.Jinarajadasa.  He also is no longer here to add his testimony
on this matter.

I note that others have already questioned the authenticity of
the said letter.

> Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 7:02 PM
> From: "Jerry Hejka-Ekins" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: Truth or Untruth?

>> K. Paul Johnson wrote:
>> >
>> >  Anyone who asserts at the outset
>> > that she always told the truth is simply ignoring the facts.
>> > Nothing wrong with that for those who choose that path, but
>> > to make such a position the basis of harsh personal attacks
>> > others is indeed wrong.
>> >
>Maybe I'm missing something here, but not always telling the
truth is a
>human trait, and as far as I'm concerned it is always a given
for all
>humans, including HPB.  What concerns me more than a lie, or
>information, or misleading information would be the reasons

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