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Re: Re: Truth or Untruth?

May 09, 1998 01:50 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>> K. Paul Johnson wrote:
>> >
>> >  Anyone who asserts at the outset
>> > that she always told the truth is simply ignoring the facts.
>> > Nothing wrong with that for those who choose that path, but then
>> > to make such a position the basis of harsh personal attacks on
>> > others is indeed wrong.
>> >
>Maybe I'm missing something here, but not always telling the truth is a
>human trait, and as far as I'm concerned it is always a given for all
>humans, including HPB.  What concerns me more than a lie, or incorrect
>information, or misleading information would be the reasons behind

Jerry, this is exactly what bothers me about a lot of apparent fibs.
There are no real good reasons for them. Because of this, I like
to think that she was simply in error. I don't think her English was
all that good, and many of the words she had to use were close
to impossible to translate back in her day because few or no
English equivalents existed, as you know. Most of the "errors"
that I have found in her writings would be easily correctly by
just changing a single word. Now, when it comes to deliberately
fibbing about her Masters and so on, I still remain neutral and
I prefer to let Daniel and Paul slug that one out.

Jerry S.

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