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Re: Nirmanakaya

May 08, 1998 03:38 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

At 02:55 AM 5/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Most of my reading about nirmanakaya came from HPB and de Purucker. Maybe
>they had the correct esoteric teaching and exoteric Buddhists had the
>incorrect exoteric teaching. I have read HPB making a similar distinction
>about some Advaita Vedanta teachings.

Dear Govert,

As you know I have tried to equate theosophical teachings with what I am
reading in other sacred traditions. Well, in studying the I AM literature I
began to associate these three vestures with something they use frequently
in their written and oral tradition. This is the concept of the God and
Goddess.   When we have so many beings and essences which need placing, you
may think there wouldn't be a regular place for Gods and Goddesses and yet
they find their way into the St. Germain material.  My conclusions as to
the placement of these "similar" structures is to envision them as
participating in life on earth to the point that the Goddess is able to
located "needs" and to align herself through and around those needs on
earth. Then at an appropriate point in time the God positioned above the
earth perhaps in the mental realm, releases its energy to flow through a
channel dispersing the quality into those needy areas.  For instance, God
and Goddess of Liberty would pursue activities concerned with people's or
countrys' freedom.  God and Goddess of Peace would contain those dedicated
souls active while alive and committed to the bringing of peace to earth.
So when people die, their bodies go to makeup the bodies of these three
level beings. Peace can be brought to earth by becoming an atom or cell in
the body of the God of Peace or at a lower level in the Goddess of Peace,
or perhaps in an entirely different manner participating in the stream of
energy that is exchanged between them.  These became the Nirmanakay,
Sambhogakya, and Dharamkaya vestures in my mind and it is haven for some
people who are devoted and deserving of a continued life after death, but
not everyone is confined to this type of after death state.


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