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Re: Dangers of psychism

May 08, 1998 11:42 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>And superior to Samadhi is the state named Turiya.  -- The 4th
>state of the Taraka Raja Yoga, one that corresponds with Atma,
>and on this plane with "dreamless" sleep, -- a "causal"
>condition.        Theos. Glossary p. 345
>See also:  Voice, p 16, 21  SD I 157, 244, 570, 594;
>Mahatma Letters 109, 131, 343.
>SAMADHI:  T. Glos p. 286,  Patanjali Yoga Sutras, p. 37

Dallas, your quotes are misinformed. Samadhi, both types
in fact, are above Turiya. It goes like this: waking, dreaming,
sleeping, coma (turiya), and samadhi both with and without
"traces."  The first four states of consciousness correspond
each to one of the four lower cosmic planes below the Abyss.
Samadhi has always been the name for the spiritual state
which exists above the Abyss. You may be quoting proper
Theosophy (I don't know) but my version is the one that is
taught throughout Hinduism and Buddhism. This may be
yet another "disconnect" that Theosophy has with Oriental
teachings. You will not find Patanjali or any other yogic
authority saying that turiya is above samadhi.

Jerry S.

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