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Re: Judge disdains veggie diet

May 06, 1998 02:41 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Lmhem111 wrote:
> WQJ tried vegetarianism for nine years and gave it up because he found it
> "injurious". He said it wasn't suited for Westerners. He said eating fish was
> OK, describing them as "floating vegetables". He said that "the stomach does
> not digest vegetables, it is for meat; the teeth are for tearing and grinding
> meat". He said he knew many physicians in the TS who agreed with him and that
> some of them insisted that vegetarianism was wrong under any circumstances.
> "The kingdom of heaven is not gained by eating meat or by refraining from it",
> he said further.
> Apparently, he is at odds with HPB on this issue.

	Well, not entirely. If you read Blavatsky's instructions to the
original E.S., she asks members to refrain from eating meat, and then
says that a healthy diet can be made from vegetables and seafood. So it
appears that she did not consider fish to be meat, either. Are there any
quotes from HPB (real question; there may very well be) where seafood is
specifically excluded from a "vegetarian" diet?

	Bart Lidofsky

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