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Re: What is the problem?

May 05, 1998 06:51 PM
by Nancy L Malcom

Perhaps for the current world and it's inhabitants, the main problem is
belief in the idea that we, as humans, are seperate from and different
from, the rest of the universe. The great heresy, seperation. To believe
that our wants, needs, and salvation, are more important, and seperate from
those of the manifest universe. This belief has lead to putting humanity at
variance to our globe.

> From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>
> Subject: What is the problem?
> Date: Tuesday, May 05, 1998 2:19 AM
> Hi Kazimir,
> I'm going to be very exoteric and say that the problem is not enough
> kindness to all living things and the planet.  This definition is more
> effective at arriving at a solution than sitting there pondering at all
> complexities, although that is also important.
> Thoa :o)
> Kazimir:
> >What is the main problem that should be solved?

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