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Re: Copyright Issues

May 05, 1998 11:21 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

W. Dallas TenBroeck
    writes:                                        I Protest.

May 5th 1998

J. Paul Johnson in a posting dated May 5th in "Theos-Talk alleges
without proof that

        HPB spoke or gave out "untruths."    [ paragraph 5 [

Since no proofs of this are given, if there are any references to
this, may we have them.

An unsupported statement (such as this) that HPB (being dead)
cannot refute or challenge, demands that someone else do so on
her behalf.
during her lifetime she answered all challenges.  The Masters did
so also, and so did Mr. W. Q. Judge during her life and after her
death.  Mr. Sinnett wrote SOME INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF Madame
BLAVATSKY in 1895 when the SPR  [ Society for Psychical Research,
London ]  published a report by their envoy to India:  Mr.
Hodgson, in the Dec. 1884 issue of their Journal.  (This report
has since been withdrawn and repudiated.  This action was taken
on the basis of adequate and full evidence of the inaccuracy and
prejudice of Mr. Hodgson.)

I PROTEST AGAIN to Mr. Johnson.

I have no special credentials to advance, nor have I published
any books that I want to advertise.  I do not deal in innuendo or
slander, and especially of the "dead."  I am offended by those
who traffic in sensationalism, especially when it is directed
against those who can no longer respond or refute.

May I be permitted to observe the following:

I was born in Los Angeles, and have been educated in India, where
I lived, for over 35 years.  I am well acquainted with both the
modern and the ancient lore and history of that remarkable people
and have great respect for their ancient wisdom.  I have
traveled extensively all over that country, and have visited many
of the sites, witnesses to events in early Theosophical history..
While I was growing up and working in India, I was aware of
Theosophy and its teachings, and have sought to visit and verify
at first hand. A knowledge of the existence of the Mahatmas is
widespread in India.

Personally, I am very much aware of the debt that I, and all of
us, who have profited from the Masters' teachings of Theosophy
(written and published through Their accredited Agent:
H.P.Blavatsky), owe to her and to Them.

It proved necessary for Mr. Daniel Caldwell to analyze and refute
Mr. Johnson's thesis in his essay: " Mr. Johnson's HOUSE OF
CARDS."  To this no adequate response has come from Mr. Johnson
that I have seen or read.
This has been mentioned in a recent posting by him.

 After reading Mr. Johnson's book concerning the supposed
identities of the Masters, I asked him for proofs or facts on
which he based his speculations.  None have so far been advanced.
I protested then against his statements.  I protest now.

Mr. Johnson says he visited India for about 6 or 8 weeks some
years ago.  He made comments in his book concerning the Masters
that I considered derogatory to their dignity.  I consider myself
as one who owes an enormous debt to Them and to HPB.  I therefore
protested direct to Mr. Johnson and to his publishers and
challenged the accuracy of his statements.

                                    W. Dallas TenBroeck


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