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Re: -- More Topics for WWW

May 05, 1998 06:23 AM
by Rodolfo Don

>Further topics could be included --
>Besides the biographies of HPB, Judge, Olcott, Besant, G de P., etc.,
>etc. [all to be placed in].
>It might be well to include some of the HISTORICAL CHARACTERS, like --
>Buddha, Krishna, Shankaracharya, Jesus, Hermes, Mesmer, St. Germain,
>Hermes, Zoroaster, Lao Tze, Dalai Lama [not just the present one], etc.,
>As the SD states in the very beginning it deals with Science, Philosophy
>and Relgions--we might well include sections, on each 1) their
>systhesis; 2) individualy, with theosophical light thrown on each.
>And the RELIGIONS too might be included, as theosophy could provide
>valued quotations regarding them.  Like --
>Buddhism, Hinduism [unfortunately this is a catch all word for the many
>divergent religions practised in India], Christianity, Zoroastrianism,
>Taoism, Zen, Judaism [we might get into difficulty!], Patonism,
>Neo-Platonism, etc.

Sophia... there is a valuable web site originated in Germany, but mirrored
in the USA by a Catholic organization. You can visit it at:

It covers extensively every major religion and uses material already on the
internet created by all the religious groups.

Good wishes,

Rudy Don
>SCIENCE under heading like Darwin's evolution theory, Haeckel's
>contribution, Keeley's theories, Light theories; etc., etc.
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