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Science approaches Thesophical view of brain/mind

May 05, 1998 03:53 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Hi Bjorn,

Where did you get this post from?  Science and Jung.  Hmmm, up my alley.
Is there a list that talks a lot about science and the metaphysical?

Thoa :o)

>> Both photographic holograms and distributed
>> memory, however, are very resistant to damage. Holograms are information
>>fields, and information (scalar) fields may be
>> accessed and communicated in ways which are only recently becoming
>>understood, that are not limited by space-time
>> materialisation. In short, they have a 'life of their own' and this may
>>provide an explanation for psychic phenomena, experiences
>> out-of-the-body and past life recall. In other words, the brain is but
>>an interface between the non-material scalar
>> information-field or mind. In turn it is the spiritual viewpoint which
>>implicitly creates this mind.


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