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Re: Topics for WWW

May 03, 1998 11:50 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 3rd

Regarding possible cross-references for a Cyber-list.  We'll have
to alphabetize those and see if any can be added.

Did you get notice that http://www.blavasky org will now be:


We all ought to notice the change of address  to  .net

Nest wishes.                Dallas

> From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
> Date: Sunday, May 03, 1998 6:51 AM
> Subject: Topics for WWW

>Dallas brought up a very basic question. If you ask a man/woman
in cyber
>space, you will find very few ever heard of Theosophy. So how
does a
>cybertraveller find out about Theosophy. It is thru search
engines. So a
>list is compiled so that someone searching a topic on which
theosophy has
>something to offer, can find Theosophy. Here is the list with
the help of
>Dallas and Sophia.
>channeling,  trance
>Clairaudience, clairvoyance,
>Prophecy,  second sight
>Messages from  the Dead,
>Adepts, Masters, Mahatmas
>Psychic Phenomena
>Automatic writing,
>Astral body
>Divination,  dowsing,
> Pyramid power
>Hatha Yoga
>Raja Yoga
>Cohesion/dispersion of materials by mental willing
>Spiritual visions
>Ghosts, apparitions,
>Materialization and precipitation of letters, etc.
>Mdiumship and Adeptship
>The Higher Self,
> Initiation, the 3 planes of
>Astral Plane, Evil entities,
>Occult laws, powers
>Soul and Spirit
>God and Gods
>Meditation, Contemplation
>Mind and Brain
>Knowledge, Wisdom
>Self Knowledge
>Religion and Religions
>Sacred and Holy
>Witches, wizards
>Origin man and Cosmos
>Hell, Heaven
>Solar System
>Cosmos, Chaos
>Any one has any more ideas.
>PS: If a website is developed, it could just be short paragraphs
on the
>above subjects with pointers for more detailed info.

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