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Re: What is the main problem?

May 03, 1998 05:48 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 3rd

Dear Kazimir:

I have read a number of your questions.

Do you have or can you secure for reading a copy of Mme.

If you refer to the Table of Contents and the front, and th the
Index at back under such headings as Karma, Good, Evil, you will
find that HPB has answered most of your questions in terms of
Theosophical philosophy.

The principle ideas are:

there is a total Unity of all things visible and invisible in
SPIRIT -- which has no boundaries in time or space, but which
contains all beings.

This Unity is ruled by a single set of immutable and changeless
laws.  Every being that thinks, feels, lives, or works in
whatever condition, is an immortal (life-atom) that is, it is
intelligent, conscious at its own level, and that all these,
taken together form a vast cooperative of interacting smaller
Units.  All these, have to live with each other, and have to
support each other in some way, or otherwise the whole of the
Universe and Life would collapse.

It is therefore posited that the separate Units ( man included as
a Conscious unit) are all working toward a distant goal, which
can be called "Perfection of all Knowledge."  This, when attained
leads each one to WISE LIVING.  We become harmless to others and
to ourselves.  We become active and voluntary assistants to
others, automatically, as volunteers (not as coerced slaves)
because we realize that we are interdependent.  Not only is
Mankind a "family,"  but the whole Universe forms a vast family,
where no being is either any worse nor is it better than the
others.  Each has the same potential:  WISDOM  as its "goal."
Each, however, is at some degree or some stage of its own making.
Each of us on careful consideration, will be found to have
developed and chosen our own present position.

There is no question that we rarely remember our "past lives."
However the differences that we have of character, capacity,
talent, genius, or the lack of these indicates that we have been
training and learning for a very long period in the past.

The main idea to secure is that there is no "personal God" who,
because one prays or praises, or begs, will break the Universal
laws for the personal benefit of the supplicant.  Consider how
unfair it would be if such an event ever took place ?  How would
the victims be compensated ?  what restitution is actually made
for murder, for tyranny, for torture, for improper theft of
property, for lying, for distortions of truth, and for thousands
of moral lapses that are commonly committed because most of us
believe that "if we are not seen," we will not be "punished."  We
forget that Nature is infinitely sensitive and our thoughts and
feelings. as well as our deeds, are fully recorded by Nature in
her records, and those serve to return to us the debts that we
owe to all others whom we have made our victims.  There is great
truth in the statement:  "The hands that smite us are our own."

The main difference between modern psychology and philosophy is
that it does not view the consciousness in Man as that of an
eternal being.  In theosophy Man is looked on as an Eternal;
Pupil, who comes life after life to earth to study and improve
his knowledge and especially his moral character.

The whole difference lie there:  Man is viewed in Theosophy as an
IMMORTAL MIND-SOUL (the Individuality which is permanent and
deathless) that uses periodically many succeeding PHYSICAL BODIES
(or personalities).

All the rest is detail and explanation .

I hope that this is of some help to you.  It will at least show
you the great difference between Theosophical philosophy and
psychology and the average mundane type now so popular and very
poorly endowed with logic or proof.

    Best wishes to you as always,            Dallas


I hope that this is of help.  But do get a copy and read
carefully what HPB teaches in the KEY.

Best wishes,                Dallas

> From: "Kazimir Majorinc" <>
> Date: Saturday, May 02, 1998 6:26 AM
> Subject: What is the main problem?

>Dear theosophists (and enochians, etc)!
>What is the main problem that should be solved? I'm searching
for short
>and explicite claims that are not typical neither for 'exoteric'
>'esoteric' phylosophy. Just few examples: Buddha considered
suffer as such
>problem. Christians do not consider explicitely this problem; it
seems that
>they think that it is personal salvation, although it is not
clear from
>what and to what. Aristotel, Socrat, Heraklit, Platon


same as Theosophy.  There is no difference in the fundamental
ideas of Great Men, and Great Teachers in the past as in the

Our problem is really not what we can read of their ideas, but
how our modern professors interpret what is said there.  You have
to develop your own thinking based on what you read.  There is no
short-cut to Verity.  One has to find it hiding under every
statement and every idea.  This world is one and has been here a
long time, and it has a purpose, and we have to find that out.

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