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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

May 02, 1998 03:28 PM
by Jerry Schueler


You make a good point, although I doubt many of us can figure
out which of the sven would apply. As a rule of thumb, I use the
idea of meaning--if a dream seems meaningful (you can recall
it vividly, for example) then it can serve as a barometer. If is
has little meaning you will quickly forget it and it is probably
just "fancies" and "pictures."  If we try to forget or ignore (repress)
a meaningful dream, it tends to be repeated until we take notice.

Jerry S.

>Dear Jerry
>".... our dreams to be more "real" than we are when waking simply
>because we are less inhibited and more our true selves in our dreams. I
>use dreams as barometers of spiritual progress."
>Ver useful to read H P Blavatsky's TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE
>where she devotes a whole section to DREAMS pages 59 to 79.  Especially
>page 79 where she lists 7 types of Dreams
>"1. Prophetic dreams.  These are inmpressed on our memory by the Higher
>Self, and are generally plain and clear: either a voice heard or the
>coming event foreseen.
>2. Allegorical dreams, or hazy glimpses of realities caught by the brain
>and distorted by our fancy.  These are generally only half true.
>3. Dreams sent by adepts, good or bad, by mesmerisers, or by the thought
>of very powerful minds bent on making us do their will.
>4.  Retrospective; dreams of events beloning to past incarnations.
>5.  Warning dreams for others who are unable to be inmpressed
>6.  Confused dreams, the causes of which have been discussed above.
>7.  Dreams which are mere fancies and chaotic pictures, owing to
>digestion, some mental trouble, or such-like external cause."
>In using dreams as a barometer, the above categories maybe check against
>first, then only will their value or uselessness become revealed.
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