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Re: Quick reincarnation

Apr 30, 1998 06:48 PM
by Pat F


Just a brief comment about quick reincarnation.  As I understand it,
people are reincarnated back to this world because of our attachment to
it.  The more spiritually inclined a person is-- that is, longing for
the riches in "heaven" than on earth-- then, the longer will be the
interval between lives, since the spirit is not "itching to get back to"
earth.  On the other hand, if someone dies but his soul still clings to
wordly wealth, or to the people he left behind, then naturally, he will
be drawn back to earthly life by his desire for them.  It's that simple
to me.  I think that list from THEOSOPHY EXPLAINED is BS.

Best Wishes,

Pat F.

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