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Re:Theosophical Movement

Apr 30, 1998 09:01 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Alan: You may recall we had an offer of free space from a Theosophist some
time back. The issue that still needs to be sorted out is the on going
maintenance. Once this issue is settled, this space can be used to mirror
all available theosophical material.


At 01:16 AM 5/1/1998 +0100, you wrote:
>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>What shall we do, Where is the next channel of work ?
>Theosophy International - that is free, too. The website (which
>admittedly contains some of my personal material, has links to many
>places, especially where study material can be found. Our members are
>united in one thing, and that is our "Statement of Intent" based upon the
>original, but, as we see it, outdated (in the wording) three principles.
>For example, there is the link to TUP, which is hosted by the Pasadena
>TS. They won't agree to a reciprocal link, but we can access the
>information they provide. Much of this is in the public domain, and
>there is no reason why we cannot download it and place it on
>*another* site in case the Pasadena TS does not survive. The same
>applies to the "TI" website. I won't live forever to host it. Let
>theosophists, whether they use the title or not, download as much as
>possible that is seen as being of value, and ensure that such material is
>The Internet will play a key part in the future of information and
>preservation of what has been discovered and recorded. Let us make
>the fullest use of it, and let all of our links [TS in this instance] be
>reciprocal. *Not* to do this is, as I see it, a DENIAL of the first
>principle itself ...

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