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Re:Criteria for continuity

Apr 29, 1998 03:41 PM
by Govert Schuller

Paul wrote:

>In the ongoing and probably interminable discussion about who is
>and is not a genuine continuation of the effort started by HPB,
>we cannot get off the ground because no criteria for such
>judgments are shared.

>From an older posting:

"Meanwhile, if there is a chance that one of these messengers
might be genuine, how to find out? What criteria will be valid to determine
whether a messenger is genuine or not? I have referred before to criteria
like vibration, transformational effects and content. Another one (or two)
has to do with historical criteria: is the content of the messages
reflecting a certain awareness of past messengers and movements? And are the
statements in harmony with the facts? The other 'historical' criterion I
like is: does the alleged messenger and movement fit into a certain logic of
historical development. For example I still amazed by the fact that Guy
Ballard was allegedly contacted by Saint Germain one year after K had
dissolved the Order of the Star. Coincidence? Or the work of the Masters,
implementing a contingency plan?"

So I propose two additional criteria:

1) The content of the messages should reflect a certain awareness of past
messengers and movements.

2) The alleged messenger and movement should fit into a certain logic of
historical development.


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